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L'encre du tatouage qui bleuit avec le temps.


Poet-architect Lam & Cherry ( Lam Kongchuen e Cherry Tsang) was an internationally Duo of multi-disciplinary practice. They carried out worldwide contemporary art and architectural practice through literature. Their creative scope included poetry, fiction, drama, review, translation,speech,film, architectural design, urban studies, Installation, sculpture, painting, modern calligraphy and seal (Chinese/Japanese/ Korean), economics, performance, etc. They never cross the border, but take the elimination of the boundaries-the basis of literature to cancel the boundaries between disciplines, and their practice has a wide reputation in the world.They are known in the Nordic literary community as the reappearance of Jean-paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir.The Nobel prize in literature judges have attended their solo exhibitions three times. It is considered by Japanese critics that "their work is a completely new creation from Hagiwara Sakutarou's "Principle of Poetry" (1928) to the present.